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The Scourge of Man
Justice has its price... so does love.
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When a ticking time bomb in human genes detonated, the Scourge of God began sweeping the planet, claiming its victims in a few short weeks. Soon an illusion of humanity haunted the streets, and its once-glamorous cities plunged into quiet darkness.

The few who were spared by the Scourge were left to make sense of the new world. One of them, Vincent, was a passionate and good-natured man in his twenties. Having moved to New York City seven months before, after battling a life-sapping depression, he now faced the human apocalypse. New York City was a large wasteland of concrete, steel, rust, and broken glass. Birds ruled the sky, while rodents feasted on the ground-level remains. It was a dangerous and deteriorating place, but became the staging ground for a new civilization. There Vincent found normalcy, friendships, love, and hope. Life seemed better than before the Scourge, but soon the injustices of the new world began raging a new battle within him. He decided to take justice into his own hands and become a new kind of Scourge.

Loved by some. Loathed by others. Ultimately feared by all.

"...The Scourge of Man will captivate readers and compel them to see the arid climates of their souls even more. It’s deft and balanced, utterly engaging."
-Readers' Favorite review